Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Oh, crumbs!

Recent events have brought back very fond memories of one the eighties famous characters, DangerMouse and his faithful hamster sidekick Penfold (Codename: Jigsaw, as he is often known to "go to pieces").

I was quite amused to find out that the black eye-patch that he wore throughout this series, wasn't really needed - he didn't have a bad eye. As he himself pointed out - it is worn "because it's part of the suit".

Through its wonderfully humorous, exciting, surreal adventures and the continuing fight against the evil forces of this world, this little mouse never failed to save the day.

One of my memorable quotes from this series can perhaps go to show how we can sometimes accurately analyse our surroundings to make a necessary point, and then proceed to completely miss the point, when Dudley Poyson, one of the characters from the series, shouts...

"I'll call myself a cab right away! I'm a cab, I'm a cab!"

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