Tuesday, 4 September 2007

GPhone Cometh

It finally looks like Google's GPhone might be a reality sometime soon. The Wall Street Journal carried an article on this last month, brushing away this long rumor and replacing this as fact, or perhaps making this a stronger longer rumor - depends on how you look at it.

Sure, if the product is coming out of Google, its definitely going to be desirable. However, whats interesting to note here, is who Google expects to pay for the calls you make using the GPhone. According to a source on Pocket-lint, they may be free, just like everything else Google offers...

"Google even envisions a phone service one day that is free of monthly subscription charges and supported entirely through ad revenue"

In other words, the price of using the GPhone could just be a minor invasion of privacy - a little like GMail.

According to reports on the internet, the GPhone could be available early next year. So if you were planning to get one for this Diwali, it might be more worthwhile to opt for a Nokia instead. I'm told their BL-5C equipped handsets are quite a blast, and you could end up saving a fortune on Diwali firecrackers too.

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